Electrical power reliability, patient safety and energy optimization for a solid healthcare building

The performance of a medical facility is based on many criteria, including the increasing need for energy efficiency. With a portfolio of satisfied customers, Socomec’s solutions for healthcare buildings are particularly suitable for medical facility requirements:
- high availability and high quality power supply in full accordance with the standards associated with the premises’ criticality,
- security of persons, equipment and property : guaranteed operating of security & safety systems such as emergency lighting, fire safety, access control, etc,
- energy efficiency: monitoring, analysis and optimization of energy consumption for sustainable management of facilities,
- protection and power supply continuity for IT systems : availability of power supply and electrical infrastructure flexibility for meeting constantly evolving requirements,
- reaching productivity targets: availability of medical imaging equipment, reducing energy costs, power supply modularity, etc.

Check out what Socomec can offer you, whatever the project: new site, electrical extension or renovation of your medical facility.