UPS Commissioning, Inspection and Maintenance

CIM (Commissioning, Inspection & Maintenance), an after-sales support service available from SOCOMEC, is performed by a team of qualified engineers employed to guarantee the correct operation of your UPS systems. The CIM service offers maintenance programmes, a local service, 24 hour call out, rapid on-site repairs and manufacturer's spare parts to provide you with a comprehensive support package which affords you complete peace of mind. Taking up the CIM service enables you to draw upon the expertise of a manufacturer with over 40 years' experience: SOCOMEC is the most reliable partner to advise you on the maintenance of your installations and to resolve any problems in accordance with current environmental standards and procedures.


High value added analysis and UPS maintenance programs.


Terms and conditions of repair and replacement of UPS under warranty.

24/7/365 UPS Remote Monitoring - LINK UPS

Your UPS and the Socomec Service Centre stay in continuous contact.

UPS Rental

UPS short-term rental - "turnkey" provision.