Flywheel from 80 to 900 kVA


The FLYWHEEL system provides a high level of availability for DELPHYS GP, DELPHYS XTEND GP, DELPHYS MP elite and DELPHYS MX Uninterruptible Power Supply units.


FLYWHEEL, a dynamic energy storage solution, removes restrictions linked to traditional battery use.
FLYWHEEL is the solution for:
• Data centres
• Service sectors
• Industry
• Telecommunications
• Medical applications

Operating principle

• Uses a very high-speed, rotating flywheel.
• Combined flywheel, shaft and generator.
• The rotating assembly is held up by electromagnetic levitation, with no contact with other parts.
• Less maintenance: the internal system vacuum eliminates friction.
• The flywheel-driven generator supplies energy to the UPS during a power failure, thus providing continuous power to the load.
• When mains power is restored, the flywheel takes only 7 minutes (configurable) to return to full speed.


• outstanding reliability,
• reduced maintenance,
• simplified maintenance,
• long service life (> 20 years),
• max. power in min. volume,
• less floor space < 0.58 m2,
• high efficiency 99.4 %,
• May be used when battery use is impossible because of critical operating conditions (i.e. high ambient temperatures).
• self-diagnostics,
• rapid recharging (typically 12 minutes),
• adjustable voltage and current parameters,
• silent operation,
• simple operation,
• cabinet on castors for ease of installation,
• no load restrictions on ground,
• installation requiring no structural work,
• cable access via top and bottom sections,
• simplified connections,
• units coupled in parallel to increase power and back-up time,
• front access for maintenance,
• environmentally-friendly.