Manufacturer's expertise

Over several decades, Socomec's Switching and Protection systems have acquired a distinguished reputation in the domain of low voltage electrical distribution equipment testing and safety. Our manufacturer's expertise naturally extends to a complete offer of services designed to help you get the most out of our solutions.

Adapted services

  • Engineering your project

    • From initial studies to operating your system, our team will guide you, ensuring full commitment.

  • Commissioning

    • Installation of your equipment is carried out by a specialist, and is totally compatible with and adapted to your use.

  • Maintenance

    • A wide range of preventive or corrective maintenance options designed to suit your installation and its environment, and to ensure continuity of service of your electrical networks.

  • Engineering your installation

    • A broad range of features tailored to respond to the particular requirements and limitations of your electrical installation, and to help you deal with specific operational demands.

  • Training

    • You will receive training, specially adapted to your needs, in order to familiarise you with our equipment and enable you to use it to your best advantage.