Socomec’s remote monitoring service for guaranteed 24/7 business continuity

LINK-UPS is the new SOCOMEC remote monitoring service designed to provide IT and Facilities Managers with 24/7 support to ensure the ongoing performance, efficiency and safety of their critical infrastructure  and to mitigate against costly downtime.

LINK-UPS provides a permanent connection between the internal monitoring system of any SOCOMEC installed UPS and the local SOCOMEC Service Centre.





The service

Permanent connection to your equipment

To ensure that LINK-UPS operates continuously, the connection between the UPS equipment and the Socomec Service Centre uses two autonomous and redundant channels; normal operation is via LAN/WAN connection, however, the system will automatically switch to a GPRS connection if the normal route is unavailable.

Immediate troubleshooting

If the UPS’ operating parameters fall outside the permitted range, the system will identify the anomaly and automatically notify  the nearest SOCOMEC Service Centre.
A specialist Socomec engineer will carry out a diagnostic check by remotely accessing the parameter dashboard.
By conducting a root cause analysis, remedial or corrective action can be prescribed.
In the event that on-site intervention is required and if there is a Maintenance Contract in place, a Socomec on-call engineer will be dispatched immediately with a full brief from the Socomec Service Centre along with any spare parts that may be needed.





Predictive Analysis

Furthermore, LINK-UPS also provides a predictive analysis function that records and processes the UPS’ monitoring data – compiled into a clear, succinct client report.  As well as providing operational and event statistics, the report also includes a technical analysis by a dedicated SOCOMEC engineer.  This analysis highlights any anomalies occurred during the period with recommendations for operational improvement.



Problem prevention

LINK-UPS detects performance issues and prevents malfunction  before the situation becomes critical, instead focusing on remedial activity to keep the system up and running.

Reduced Mean Time to Repair

LINK-UPS dramatically reduces the mean time to repair – by linking the installed base with our nearest Socomec Service Centre and field engineers – therefore maximising uptime.

Continuous knowledge of your equipment

This dual functionality of predictive analysis and constant monitoring by Socomec highly skilled engineer provides an information flow that builds up a truly in-depth knowledge base of the equipment and the installation.




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